by _Marcus_ of Ar

Gorean Philosophy is an inquiry into the truth, utilizing philosophical methods to study empirical evidence.

Despite what its detractors may complain that is all that it has to be in order to qualify as “a philosophy.” There is no ‘Official Board of Philosophy’ or ‘Philosophical Certification Board’ that decides if a particular philosophical movement or set of interconnected statements gets a rubber-stamped ‘philosophical seal of approval.’ That doesn’t exist, nor does the process work that way. Nor should it.

Also, Gorean philosophy is an internal inquiry, not specifically an external one– meaning it does not attempt to redefine society’s concepts of good and evil, nor does it argue in favor of the existence of a ‘higher power,’ nor does it attempt to encourage belief in some externally enforced ethical system. It simply attempts to aid its adherents in a personal internal redefinition of terms and a restructuring of ethical values based upon a rejection of what is artificial versus what extent evidence, both scientific and socio-political, indicates to be true and natural.

There are no all-powerful leaders or gurus. It demands no dues and expects no payment. With the exception of encouraging interested parties to purchase actual copies of the books upon which it is based (so they may read them to know what is actually contained therein, to better draw what conclusions they may), it is essentially a free exercise. Which is precisely as it should be.

Of COURSE it would anger and annoy a certain type of person who is helplessly locked into a paradigm based on an illusional social overlay. And why should it be surprising that the most vehement manipulators and practicioners of senseless self-denial would be personally affronted at what it offers, or would take umbrage at any who would dare pursue such a thing?

It offers a glimpse of undeniable biological truth devoid of the comfortable deceptions with which we are encouraged to garb ourselves in polite company. And it explains why it is foolish for us to hate ourselves for behaving and feeling as natural human beings in the face of a constant barrage of agenda-driven pronouncements that we do so.

The Gorean Philosophy is intended to disempower those others who would control you by guilt. Properly applied and externalized, it makes one free and great.

That’s reason enough for its existence.

Whether the books through which its author set forth its principles were presented as science fiction, or had they been a serious sociology tome or a droning travelogue, makes absolutely no difference to the ideas contained therein. The fact that those ideas and statements HAD to be presented as science fiction because they were too controvertial to otherwise reach a mass audience (and still are– they are being just as hotly disputed in scientific and sociological circles today as they were forty years ago, when the first Gor book was written) is, in my opinion, a point in their favor.

The fact that the issue of Gorean Philosophy and the various sorts of interactions it has spawned attracts the absolute worst type of people (both to vehemently deny it and to ignorantly mis-defend it) simply indicates to me that it hits a nerve. It presents the possibility that people can free themselves from their present circumstances and be empowered by becoming better informed human beings. Naturally those who crave undeserved power would flock to its banners and attempt to selfishly redefine the whole thing in order to play pretend; and naturally, those who don’t want anyone else to empower himself (unless it be through politically-correct, official socially-sanctioned channels) would flock to those banners and attempt to tear those banners down out of spite.

The very type of people which Gorean Philosophy upsets and angers, again, earns the whole thing still more credence in my view.

I love it that the people who hate me because of my association with it are the type of people they are. I see it as an indication that I am doing something right.

If Wonka offers a golden ticket, naturally there will be those who attempt to counterfeit their own and pass them as the genuine article; others who try to convince everyone that they themselves have such a ticket (whether or not they do); some who will claim that only THEY hold the true secrets of the REAL golden ticket; and the irrationally jealous who will try to deny the very existence of such tickets right out of existence. Or if that proves impossible, will then attempt to turn the mob against anyone who might be withholding such a ticket from them all.

But that analogy, too, while amusing, falls somewhat short. Because there’s nothing magical or hidden about Gorean Philosophy, per se; it’s all right there, out in the open, to be explored by anyone. And it’s NOT a “magic ticket” to anything. It’s just a mental exercise intended to strip away the trivial and artificial and provide a glimpse of the world, and ourselves, as nature has perhaps evolved those things to be.

That’s essentially it. No smoke and mirrors.

I wish you well,


Copyright © 1999 Marcus of Ar, All rights reserved.


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