By _Marcus_ of Ar


An excellent question, and one well deserving of an answer.

GOR, noun.: literally, “The Home Stone.” An object to be revered; The central object around which one arranges the matters of one’s life. The core of one’s dwelling place; that which defines a place or those who dwell there. (origin: archaic Gorean)

Upon the Counter-Earth, there is nothing more sacred or more worthy of respect than a Home Stone. Unlike the lesser beasts, a man (or a woman) possesses the inborn ability to decide where and how one will live, in effect to choose one’s “Home Stone.” A Home Stone is the keystone, the center or heart of a place. When one speaks of Home Stones, it is customary to stand, for by so doing one does honor to the very topic of conversation. When one uses the word Gor, one is using an archaic Gorean word which means Home Stone. When one uses the word Gor upon the Counter-Earth, one is referring to the ancient Home Stone of all Gorean peoples…the single Home Stone which all Goreans share: the planet which supports them, nurtures them and allows them to live.

What is Gor?

To those of the planet Earth, Gor is many things. To some it is a silly made-up word to name an imaginary place, no different than the words Barsoom or Camelot. To far too many, it is a playground where those who lack necessary social skills and charisma can immerse themselves in fantasy and cloak themselves in a stereotypical disguise, be it handsome warrior or beautiful slavegirl. To still others it is a mythical alternate world to our own, a place similar to our own world yet different…more savage, yet more innocent.

Gor is a world where time has been reversed, and then set back into forward motion, altered. It is Earth as it might have been, had civilization and society not taken the paths and courses which it did. It is a world without pollution, without the noise and stench of machines and diesel, oil and gas and carbon monoxide. A world where the machine has not eclipsed the glory of man.

Gor is a place where every man and woman, no matter who they are, are taken into account for who and what they are; where there are no limitations on the use of a man’s strength; where there are no limitations on a woman’s sexuality; an otherworldly garden where mankind has been forced to pick and choose what technological marvels will be accepted and utilized, and where foolish mankind is denied the opportunity of ever acquiring the ability to end life on his planet with the closing of a switch.

Gor is a world where Priest Kings protect us from ourselves, and from outsiders such as the Kurii. Gor is a place where men are not celebrated for the breaking of oaths, or congratulated for the destruction of another through treachery. It is a world where females may be free, if they are strong enough to stand toe to toe with males and prove themselves worthy; where such women are celebrated for their achievement, but where they must strive to maintain their status daily or be forced to relinquish it forever. It is a world where a woman can choose to acknowledge her deepest, most suppressed needs; where she is relieved of centuries of inbred self-control, and can rely upon the physical fact of chains and collar to absolve her of the need to flee from her sexuality.

Gor is a place where the weak cannot force the strong to bow through laws and cultural strictures; where a man is expected to obey the codes of his caste, and is supported by his fellow caste-members if he does so; where a man may rise from peasant to Ubar, provided he is truly strong enough to do so.

Finally, Gor is a world of responsibility, upon which each person is responsible for the consequences of his or her actions, whether they result in glory or in degradation; where those same consequences are applied instantly to the deserver; and where there is no such defense as “temporary insanity,” no such sydrome as “delayed memory syndrome,” and where the only two capital offenses are weakness and stupidity.

Gor is a philosophy which challenges the accepted moral codes and dictates of our modern Earth society, and which dares to ask the dreaded question: “Why?” Why do we live the way we do? Why do we think that way? In our rush to plunge into humanity’s future, what valuable lessons might we have forgotten from humanity’s past?

Gor is heresy. Gor is forbidden. Gor is taboo. Gor is terrifying to those who refuse to try to understand it. Gor is the dangerous type of free thought which is capable of altering the consciousness and day to day attitudes of a man or woman, the very reason why Bertrand Russell was both celebrated and castigated by his peers, why the Catcher in the Rye was banned in many schools, why Scopes was put on trial. To know Gor is to glimpse a possible truth far different from the official one. To be a Gorean woman is to be considered a traitor to your sex. To be a Gorean male is to be the enemy of those who would keep you on your knees.

Gor is heaven if you’re Gorean.

Gor is hell if you’re not.

Ta Sardar Gor!


Copyright © 1996 Marcus of Ar, All rights reserved.


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